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The Most Powerful Words In Any Language

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Wow. Every time we turn around, we hear more about downsizing, layoffs, hours cut, work increased, debts piling up and stress, stress, stress. Do these things give you an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, or keep you up at night? Are you afraid you’ll become the next “statistic” – or has it already happened to you?  A wise man, Robert Kiyosaki (who is featured in the video clip below), once said that we should measure our Wealth by Time. In other words, how long could you live your current lifestyle if you stopped working? If you could live for the rest of your life, you’re Infinitely Wealthy. If you could live for a week – well, not so much.

Maybe the most powerful words are words of Fear.

Fear of being out of control. Fear of winding up “living under a bridge.” Fear of what Retirement could really look like for you and your family . . . retiring with enough money to live comfortably and pursue your passions, or retiring from the world – away from living the life of your dreams . . . basically living a life of quiet desperation and resignation.

…but I don’t think so.

As an employee or a self-employed person, you’re not particularly safe, and you certainly can’t guarantee an increasing stream of income.

As an employee, your labor is always tied to “putting in the Time.” You wonder if some young star will come in and do what you do more efficiently or for less cost – and then, there’s also outsourcing! Or maybe you’re faced with the “grey ceiling” as the Baby Boomers that were supposed to retire and make room at the top just don’t leave – because they’re scrambling like crazy in this economy. So you’re stalled. And hey, do you want to be like them at their age?

Maybe you want to be self-employed. Well, as a self-employed person, you’re responsible for collections, marketing, doing the work, and cleaning out the garbage can. if you’re already there – if you already run your own business either full time or to get some “Plan B” income, you probably thought that “being your own boss” was the answer – but my guess is that it didn’t quite cut it. That’s sure what happened to me!

Do you want more financial freedom and more time freedom? How can you start the RIGHT business the first time…A business in an area that has made more millionaires out of regular people than any other?

I went from corporate America with the corner office and the power suit to being downsized (“rightsized” as they used to say). Which is basically being thrown out like last month’s bad Chinese from the back of the fridge. Although I started my own company, I was still just trading my time for money – and I didn’t even get “paid vacations” like I used to as an employee! So I started searching for a business that I’d love to do, that would be fulfilling, and would give me sustainable financial and time freedom. A business I could work part time while I still held down my “job” – until I was able to ‘fire my boss.’

So, what are those words…?

I searched long and hard for a business that would work for me – and I found it. I’m building that business and looking for business partners. Might be you, might not. And during my search, I discovered the most powerful words in any language …

Ja kann ich…はい、私はそうすることができます…sí, puedo…да, я могу…Yes, I Can!

Surprisingly, when you start this business, you’re surrounded by lots of folks who want to help you – unlike just about any other business I could conceive of, they didn’t view me as The Competition. That’s pretty amazing, considering this industry is one that has made more millionaires than any other industry, hands down. Even if we work for different ventures in this industry, we all consider ourselves members of a big team, almost a family. Unlike what we keep hearing from Wall Street, this industry is ethical, aboveboard, and straightforward. We all work on helping one another and cheering each other on in our successes, and strategizing to turn other situations into successes too. And I realized that if the regular people I met in this industry could do it – I could do it. Yes, I Can! There they are! Those Three Words!

Are you willing to take that step – if I give you all the instruction and guidance you need?

Would you be willing to join me, and say, “Yes I Can … Succeed In My Own Business”?

But then Fear creeps back in. Fear of being considered a “salesman.” Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. You know what F.E.A.R. stands for? False Expectations Appearing Real. “Fear” is just energy put into the present about a future event, that might not even happen! So stop putting energy into fueling that Fear. I’ll tell you, the best part about this industry is that you will find that your “customers” will treat you as an expert and a trusted advisor. You merely need to Share what I will help you learn – no Sales involved. No wonder I love doing this!

But There Can’t Be Any “Some Time” About It.

As you can imagine – my time is very valuable to me. I just returned from a six week trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, followed by a week in Hawaii and then 10 days in Sedona…that’s what I do with my valuable time while the money rolls on in….and you can, too! What I’m trying to say is that the time that I set aside to lead, train, teach, and inspire is limited. I don’t lead people who “think” they want a better life. I’m not interested in “I think so” or “I guess so” or “Is it hard work?”

If your attitude is “I’ll do whatever it takes short of a criminal act or karaoke,” then we can work on your success together. You don’t have to be a “go-getter.” You just have to be ready, willing and able to get going, even part time. Because, to build the Life of your Dreams, and that Unlimited Wealth, you can work this business part time, or full time, but not “some” time.

Best-selling Millionaire Explains Why YOU should do this today!

Here is a video of Robert Kiyosaki on why this opportunity is The Business Of The 21st Century. If you haven’t heard of Kiyosaki, he is an American investor, businessman, and financial literacy activist and speaker. He has sold over 26 million copies of his over 15 books under his Rich Dad, Poor Dad brand – in fact, a couple were written with Donald Trump, another multi-millionaire, about why they want YOU to be Rich!

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