Tips From The Top


Develop  your WHY:

First, Watch This Video:

Second, I’m going to help you reflect on these thoughts from the above video, as they relate to SendOutCards, which is my business. You can apply these steps to any business, of course.


What we do in SendOutCards is provide an easy way to send real, physical greeting cards from your computer. We also make it easy for you to make calendars, business cards, canvas prints, photo books, etc. If you’re in business and you use SendOutCards, we make it easy for you to increase your referrals and do your marketing. We also provide a vehicle for financial freedom through the business opportunity – which can be either your full business or can be your Plan B for residual cashflow into your Golden Years and beyond (since this business is inheritable).

To Simon’s point in the video … if you lead any conversation of SendOutCards with WHAT we do … the “cynical majority” will say “We don’t believe you. We don’t need it. We don’t like it. You’re scaring us.”


How do we do it? Just think of all the steps … you choose a card, pick a font, pick a font color, pick a size, write a message, add pictures, add a gift, press send and the card is printed, scored, folded, stuffed in an envelope and delivered to the post office in 24 hours. On the business opportunity, we have a particular kind of compensation model that has upfront bonuses and long term residual.

NOTE: Other companies do what we do. Think of online services provided by Hallmark, by the USPS, and others. It might not be provided as inexpensively or as responsibly (we use recycled paper/soy ink), but you could do it with them and their names are more well known. On the “photo store side”, think of Shutterfly, SnapFish, Lulu, and others. On the opportunity side, there are thousands of other network marketing opportunities with good compensation plans.


This is the most important one to figure out. Why do we do it as a company?and why do you do it as a rep in the company?

From a company perspective … it could be “We believe in celebrating the lives of other people while they are alive.”

A possible lead in with a “Why” is “If you’re the type of person who truly values your personal and business relationships, then we have a system for you …”

Or … “If you’re the type of person who truly believes in celebrating other people, then we have a system for you …”

It could even be posed as a question … “Do you value your personal and business relationships?”

Lots of people will say “Yes” to that question, at which point you could bolster that feeling by asking follow-up questions. In a Business setting, the Company’s “Why” could be that “We give companies an easy, personalized way to set up a “set-it-and-forget-it” marketing plan, to keep current clients and attract others easily.”

That’s what the company “WHY” might be … but, what do you personally believe it to be? Remember the video. Aim for the “middle of the target” or the “Oldest part of the Brain” as Simon said, or think of the Apple example versus Dell. What do you believe the “WHY” of the business is?

This is critical – because if you are in business, you need to be able to communicate that WHY in a concrete way.

Now… from a personal perspective … Why are YOU doing this business?

If you say “I need the money” … try again. Money has no soul. Money has no loyalty. People who do things “for the money” usually don’t stay in the business because the money never comes fast enough.

Think of the example of Martin Luther King in the video … what do you believe … what is your dream?

Why did you choose this company and this opportunity as opposed to some other opportunity? If you left another business, why did you come to this one?

Did you see the possibilities for fulfillment of your desires? What are they?

Why does this company resonate with you more than something else?

I’ll give you a suggestion … make sure there’s something about “helping other people” as part of your Why and your dream. All great dreams help other people. In fact, when I do my Basic Training, I help you support this by agreeing to support a Non-profit that supports your endgame – because every time you support that Non-profit, you are answering the Prayers of others…and so their Prayers are lifting your Business.

“If you don’t know why you do what you do,
then how will you get anyone to buy from you
or be loyal to you
and want to be a part of what you do?”
Simon Sinek


Write down some thoughts on the Company’s “Why” and on your “Why.”  Start with what comes to you right off  the top of your head. Maybe re-watch the video, to see how he differentiates companies that tried to sell on their “What” or “How” rather on their “Why.” This is really critical because this is what will be important to your customers – and keep them loyal.

When it comes to your “Why,” just write it down, even if it sounds vain, egotistical, or greedy. (You’re the only one that is going to see this list!) But once you do that, then look at that list and think again Why you want to do or have those particular things. Ultimately, if you are honest with yourself, you will come to something deep seated. The real Why that resonates under all the “stuff” that you’ve written down. And that’s what will keep you going until you Succeed.

After you’ve got some thoughts down, we can talk about it and I can help you get clear on it so it inspires you to keep going every day.

Simon Sinek’s book is a great read and goes into depth on some of the things he talks about in the video. You might want to check it out – a great place for books at a low price is though of course they might even have it at your local library!