Tips From The Top


In his groundbreaking book Good to Great, Jim Collins writes about the traits that distinguish good companies from great ones. He contends that one fundamental difference between the two is that great companies have a Big Hairy Audacious Goal or a BHAG.

These BHAGs are goals that are so lofty that it could take between 25 and 50 years to achieve. They are so lofty that your chance of success is between 10% and 25%. Even still, it is that loftiness that creates the outcome of greatness.

Today’s schools are far too content with goals that are mediocre and reasonable.

Educators have been taught to take baby steps towards reasonable outcomes and shy away from plans that exemplify idealism. This may be acceptable for schools where students are consistently on track for success, but it does little to support the extended gains that must take place in order to get our students of poverty caught up.

It is for this reason that a BHAG is so important to a school. Instead of having 12 goals as part of a site strategic plan, choose one BHAG that every staff member can strive for and hold each other accountable to on a daily basis.