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“It Worked For Me” by Colin Powell

I’m reading a great book by one of my idols, Colin Powell (are you allowed to call a four-star general and former Secretary of State an “idol”?) He talks about “slipping away” from his posh office and bodyguards, and going down to the parking garage when he was Secretary… Read more ...

What do you offer your clients?

Too many people like to talk about their FEATURES when they address their clients. The thing is, you need to be empowered by – and tout – your BENEFITS. This is your value to your clients – and what they really want. That’s what makes you Unique. You might be… Read more ...

Just Do It!

As I write the title above, I wonder if that’s still Nike’s branded tagline. It sure fits what I have to say. I subscribe to a ton of blogs, podcasts, newsfeeds, and the like. Sometimes it’s crazy how much “personal development” I seem to do every day. One that I… Read more ...
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