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Who Do You Have To Become To Obtain the Success You Want?

I love today’s audio by Darren Hardy. It expands on what you learned yesterday.

Mr. Hardy tells his personal story of applying what Jim Rohn discussed in yesterday’s audio…when he was looking for his wife! This is such a great example, and it’s going to help it stick in your brain.

Remember, it’s not what you need to DO to get what you want, it’s what you need to BECOME to get what you want.

Once you realize this, everything changes. I discussed this at length in my book Fempowerment: A Guide To Unleashing Your Inner Bond Girl. I also have exercises on this in my Playbook. You need to change things on the outside, which will change things on the inside – and vice versa. I am sure we have all been in the situation where by just changing what we are wearing, we completely change our mindset. This is so important! And once you change your mindset, it changes you on the outside – how you look, what you wear, what you do with your time, and all the rest.

Remember – what you pursue alludes you. So don’t try to “pursue” Success. You need to attract it by possessing all the attributes yourself that you are seeking in others.

When you get to the middle of this audio, you might need to have a pen and paper, or your favorite notetaking app, handy! Because Mr. Hardy gives you all sorts of adjectives and qualities that you likely will be looking for in your ideal recruit – which is what you need to develop in yourself! Don’t just gloss over this part – it’s immensely important.

There is a lot in this audio to write down, in fact! Mr. Hardy also goes into the “Training Triangle” – which is made up of (1) Skills & Tactics, (2) Product Knowledge, and (3) Attitude.

Most network marketing leaders spend the most time on skills, tactics, product knowledge and features. However, the most successful people in the world spend the most time on attitude.

Seriously – pay attention to what Mr. Hardy has to say about this subject – this audio is only seven minutes long but it might completely change your life – if you change your attitude!

Darren Hardy Day Thirteen