Tips From The Top

The Greatest Equal-Opportunity Employer

In this, the second day of the 17 day series with Darren Hardy, Mr. Hardy discusses what factors determine the difference between those who succeed and those who fail.

Mr. Hardy states that there are 4 factors to consider with respect to the level of your success in this business:

1.  The Leadership
2.  The Products & Services
3.  The Compensation Plan
4.  You

Guess which is the “X Factor” – ??

Mr. Hardy also discusses “Why Power” and what you need to “fuel your engine” for Success. Pay particular attention to the example that he gives with respect to finding a strong enough “Why” – and if you haven’t subscribed to my Update, you might want to do that as well since there is a whole exercise on this subject in the “hidden content”!

Let’s listen to what Mr. Hardy has to say today (this one is about 9 minutes long):

Darren Hardy Day Two