Tips From The Top

Doing It Your Way – And Messing It All Up.

This is the third day of 17 days with Darren Hardy, best-selling author of The Compound Effect and publisher of SUCCESS magazine.  In this short, 3-minute segment, Mr. Hardy introduces the first of 5 “landmines” that you might accidentally step on as you pursue your desire to become a successful entrepreneur.

This first “landmine” (I keep typing “landmind” – maybe that’s a Freudian slip!) is particularly difficult for people who are coming at network marketing from a successful background. If you’ve done well in school, in your profession, or just doing it “your way” – then this is going to be an landmine you need to tippy-toe around very, very carefully! I personally have to watch myself constantly with respect to this landmine, because it is counter-intuitive and seems to go against everything we have learned in our background up until this point.

In fact, that’s one of the things that the hero of my book, Alexzandra, learns as she explores network marketing – that often the things that we have been praised for since childhood can be detrimental to us when we are starting out in this new arena.

Let’s see what Mr. Hardy has to say.

Darren Hardy Day Three