Tips From The Top

Use The Tools, Don’t Be The Tool

Hey, don’t blame me about that subject line – Mr. Hardy specifically said it!

In Day 4 of listening to Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS magazine and best-selling author of The Compound Effect, we hear about how to get around Landmine One, which was mentioned in Day 3.

Although it’s just short of 4 minutes long, this is such an important learning!

This will help you understand how to be duplicatable.

And being duplicatable can send your financial potential “into the stratosphere” per Mr. Hardy!

This day is so important, you might need to listen it to twice (at least). It took me SO long to “get” this, and when I finally “gave in” to the logic of it, I finally was able to successfully help anyone on my team build however large an organization they wanted.

If your mouth is moving…your finger should be pointing…

…at what? Listen to today’s post to find out!

Darren Hardy Day Four