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Should You Be Committed?

Well, you’ll probably hear from those near and dear to you that you SHOULD be committed, by getting involved in “One of those Pyramid Things.” (Click HERE if you want to see my absolute favorite-of-all-time YouTube clip on this subject).

But in reality, what Mr. Hardy discusses as the Third Landmine in this business is the fact that it’s way too easy to get into this business. I also discussed this in my podcast on the subject from a few years ago. As opposed to starting up just about any other business that you can think of, network marketing as an incredibly low threshold to entry. It’s never more than a few hundred dollars. And though that might be “hard to scrape up” for some folks, it’s not even a drop in a bucket compared to opening just about any other business, whether it be a restaurant, retail store, or even to some extent a consulting business.

The business is all set up for you – no training is required, it has a business model, and all the training tools that you could want. But what’s easy to get into is easy NOT to get GOING at.

And therein lies why multi-level marketing often gets a ‘bad name” – people get into the  business then don’t work it, so they don’t make any money, so then they go online and bash the business that they didn’t put any effort into, for not making them rich beyond their wildest dreams.

When you first start in network marketing, you will be surprised – no, I might even say shocked – at how many people start out big and then fizzle out. There will be the ones that really seem to ‘get it’ – who then never do a thing, and you wonder why they even paid the extra for a Distributor Pack!

Remember: The only difference between you and whoever is at the top of your chosen MLM is Commitment.

That top person took the time to work the system that the company provided to him or her, and worked it consistently, for a few years. Period. So can you. But WILL you? The drop out rate and “jump” rate (people who jump from one MLM to another) is phenomenally high in this industry. So is the “disaffection” rate – the folks who went into the business with great passion, like the story of Saul of Tarsis that Mr. Hardy related to us a few days ago, now “Hate what they once loved.” Usually folks that bash MLMs are people who bought into one, never really worked it, and are now complaining. I hope that person won’t be you!

Let’s hear what Mr. Hardy has to say today.

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