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Getting Bigger than your Problems, and the Compounding Penny

In Day 8 with Darren Hardy, he continues the discussion on Commitment. Mr. Hardy makes it clear that you need to treat the business as a serious business – and if you do, it will reward you more than any other business can. However, you need to be patient, and give yourself and the process time.

I liken this to being a farmer – you sow the seeds, but you have to water, weed, and wait until you can harvest! When the going gets tough – it gets too hot to want to go outside, or the water runs dry, if you are a farmer and you are depending on that crop, you find a way to fix it!

The problem is, as has been discussed before, it’s so easy to get into network marketing, that at the first whiff of trouble, most people are out of the business, and then go about bad-mouthing it.

Mr. Hardy also brings in Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame (whose teachings were featured in my book), from his talk entitled “The Perfect Business.” After you listen to the Day 8 audio below, I’d definitely suggest clicking on the video link, to watch the video and get more information directly from Kiyosaki. This information can take you from working for money to your money working for you, and shows you the E/S/B/I cashflow quadrant, which I refer to in my book.

In the Day 8 audio, Mr. Kiyosaki stresses getting bigger than your problems – not living below your means and doing what your “bosses” tell you (which he refers to as not personal development, but  personal slavery!) Mr. Kiyosaki states that commitment is key – and he suggest that you really have to set out to put five years into the business before it’s really going to be ready to have a “harvest” for you, particularly if you are working it prat time.

Mr. Hardy also tells the story of the compounding penny. It is the perfect story to explain how leverage and just “sticking with it” works, but you have to stick with it to get over the hump! If you have a penny and it doubles every day for 30 days, on day one, you have 1 cent, day 2, 2 cents, day 3, 4 cents, and on. If you imagine that this is your network marketing business and each day is a month, by the end of a number of months you’re still only at pocket change! But listen’ to what Mr. Hardy has to say, and how “sticking with it” is the key to success.

Darren Hardy Day Eight

And here is that Kiyosaki video: