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We Are All Self-Made People – But Only The Successful Take Responsibility For It!!

I thought I’d include the last two segments of Darren Hardy’s training on one post – the first one is only a couple of minutes long, the last one is longer. So all together, these two will be about 20 minutes.

In these segments, I really appreciate how Darren Hardy uses the analogy of climbing a mountain in the first segment. It’s so great!! Listen to it carefully – and smile, if you’re already doing network marketing you will definitely recognize what he’s talking about!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams – live the life that you’ve always imagined! – Henry David Thoreau

He suggests that you listen to all the tracks for the next seven days. What did I do? I actually put them onto my MP3 player, and listen to them while I go to sleep.

Track 16 is the end of this learning – Track 17 is actually the SUCCESS book summary of Mr. Hardy’s book The Compound Effect. This is a fantastic book – as is SUCCESS magazine. I personally love listening to audio books – because I can really fill in that time when my “hands are busy but my mind is free.” If you haven’t started already, it’s time to start your personal development library today! You’re already on your way, by listening to Mr. Hardy! I just ordered Zig Ziglar’s new book “Born To Win” on audiobook – and called his office to get 4 autographed copies of books that I already love, too. I’m serious about building my library of my favorite authors, and you should be, too! (In fact, by ordering Born To Win through that link – and again, NO I do not get affiliate $$ to do this, wish I knew how to do that! – you get hundreds of hours of extra bonus materials from other great leaders!)

Here’s the end of Mr. Hardy’s teachings! If these have been great for you, let me know – I will do it again with some other authors that I think you should fill your mind with, instead of drive-time radio and traffic reports!

And remember this, if you remember anything: If it is To Be…It is Up To Me…

Darren Hardy Track Sixteen

Darren Hardy Track Seventeen