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Newsweek Cover Story: Is College A Good “Investment”?

has the college bubble burst?

The Cover Story of Newsweek this week asks whether college is a “lousy investment” (read it HERE).

There are a lot of pros and cons to college – and the myriad of comments on this article run the gamut. My book discusses many of the issues raised.

I am particularly pleased that a guidance counselor gave the book a great review. It’s a “parable” book – so it has one of those “Og Mandino-esque” twists – and the reviews applaud its easy-to-read style. Though told by a high-school-aged protagonist, they agree that it is informative and fun for readers of any age.

If you’d like to read the first four Chapters – or some of the Testimonials – you can sign up on the sidebar to the right. I’d love to hear what you think!

The publisher states that the book should be out for a “soft launch” fairly soon – within the next week or so. Then the “full launch” will be in November.