Tips From The Top


Yeah, I meant that. How many of us live our lives like this?

You get prepared to do something. Ready.

Then you Fire – and your shot goes way off target.

And so then you Aim, and get a little closer, Fire! Still off. You Aim again…Fire!

Why do we work this way, instead of Ready, Aim, Fire?

Because getting Ready is action. And Firing is action. And Aiming involves thinking, meditating, planning, being calm, breathing (read: inaction). But it’s the crucial step.

So when you’re looking at your dreams, get yourself ready, BUT before you Fire (quitting your job, for example) – Aim.

Take a look at where you want to be, get a bead on it, think about it, plan, breathe, be calm, check the wind, check the weather. Be a sniper. Knock down that Dream the first time. You do not want to take an unaimed pot-shot at it, which is going to make it jump up and run farther away like a little bunny, and alert everyone else around you who might want to do a little sabotage!

– From Fempowerment: A Guide To Unleashing Your Inner Bond Girl, by Sandy Shepard