Tips From The Top

Rita Hayworth/Stayin’ Alive

And now for something that’s just fun…

Not sure who is old enough to  remember Rita Hayworth, Fred Astaire and all the other great dancers of the  past. Rita Hayworth did movies in the 1940s.   Then,  in 1977, the movie Saturday Night Fever was released…and the Bee Gees wrote  the songs for the movie…including “Stayin’ Alive!” Amazingly this song came up recently when I was taking a CPR course – apparently if you can hum that song while doing CPR it is exactly, perfect, the beat of the heart and they made us all sing it (yes, really!)

Click here, and Rita, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly (my personal all-time, forever favorite dancer) and other great dancers of the  ’40s will dance to the rhythms and lyrics of Stayin’ Alive. Just 4 minutes of fun.