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Get My Books Today F*R*E*E On Kindle Reader!!!

From midnight to 11:59pm today (11/14/2012) my first and third books will be available as free Kindle Books. Yes, that’s $0.00 to download them on Kindle! The idea here is, of course, to push them higher in their rankings. I Need Your Help!!! If you don’t know my books, here’s… Read more ...

Passive Income 101: Back Cover Copy & Endorsement By Jordan Adler, MLM Millionaire Author of Beach Money

As many of you know, I’ve been working on my latest book, told from the perspective of a high school senior. It’s called Passive Income 101: a story of paying for college without selling your soul.  Hence, “radio silence” for a little while. OK, OK, and I was watching… Read more ...

“It Worked For Me” by Colin Powell

I’m reading a great book by one of my idols, Colin Powell (are you allowed to call a four-star general and former Secretary of State an “idol”?) He talks about “slipping away” from his posh office and bodyguards, and going down to the parking garage when he was Secretary… Read more ...
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