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“A Call to Action” by Eric Worre

I subscribed to Eric Worre’s Network Marketing Pro Recruiting Mastery event. There were so many good things in those two days, I don’t even know how to convey it. (Watching Todd Falcone up on stage “dialing for dollars” on a cold leads list was amazingly instructive.  Hearing what Nick… Read more ...

Eric Worre: Are You Proud of MLM and FREE Go Pro offer!

I think that Eric Worre is one of the most fantastic network marketing professionals. He is such a giver! This is a guy who is already a millionaire many times over – and he keeps putting out videos like THIS ONE. Are you willing to stand up on your… Read more ...

say NO to financial slavery!

Eric Worre posted this video on “Financial Slavery” and it is just so well said, I couldn’t help but share. Please watch this – be ready to get emotional….and motivated!!!! One of the things he discusses is EXACTLY what I wrote about in my upcoming book (to be published September… Read more ...
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