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Get My Books Today F*R*E*E On Kindle Reader!!!

From midnight to 11:59pm today (11/14/2012) my first and third books will be available as free Kindle Books. Yes, that’s $0.00 to download them on Kindle! The idea here is, of course, to push them higher in their rankings. I Need Your Help!!! If you don’t know my books, here’s… Read more ...

7 “Innocent” Closing Questions – Courtesy of “Big Al” Schreiter

First of all, I should just start with the fact that I think “Big Al” Schreiter is THE BOMB when it comes to Network Marketing. If you’re not a subscriber, run, don’t walk to his website and sign up for his emails. I’m probably like you – I have a… Read more ...

buying a franchise versus becoming an MLM distributor – dollars and sense

In a way, buying a franchise and becoming a distributor in a multi-level marketing/direct marketing/direct sales company are similar. In both cases, you are given a trusted method to follow, step-by-step, to have a successful business. Minds quite a bit brighter than yours – in that arena, of course! –… Read more ...
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