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I’m Thankful For…Things Going Wrong?

Wow, what a great photo, right? It’s one of the bars at The Standard Hotel, New York. H and I had the most amazing evening here. But it almost didn’t happen. We had tickets to do an evening dinner sail around New York – spent a pretty penny for… Read more ...

The Physics of being an Entrepreneur & Going for No

In high school physics, you learn that a Body at rest generally stays at rest, and a Body in motion generally stays in motion. In this segment, Darren Hardy relates that Napoleon Hill did a survey of how long it generally takes an entrepreneur to take that first step. Guess… Read more ...

Just Do It!

As I write the title above, I wonder if that’s still Nike’s branded tagline. It sure fits what I have to say. I subscribe to a ton of blogs, podcasts, newsfeeds, and the like. Sometimes it’s crazy how much “personal development” I seem to do every day. One that I… Read more ...
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