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Ramblings & Musings about MLM/Direct Marketing. . . and some on Skin Issues (eczema and rosacea…don’t say I didn’t warn you).

SO. In my “main” MLM, there’s been a lot of “sturm and drang” about some folks who were at the “top level” of the MLM, and left for another one. It’s made me think a lot about the biz of being a network marketer. I happen to be in a… Read more ...

Passive Income Leadership with Richard Bliss Brooke

passive incomeRichard Brooke – author of “Mach II With Your Hair On Fire,” posted a fantastic blog post yesterday. You can find it HERE. He spoke this weekend at our company Convention, and I was quite taken with him. I am reposting this because I believe everyone in this industry… Read more ...
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