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Zig Ziglar on having an Attitude of Gratitude and Getting over “an advanced case of Stinkin’ Thinkin'”

I was saddened to hear that Zig Ziglar passed away today after a short bout with pneumonia. I was lucky enough to hear Mr. Ziglar speak a few years ago. I say “lucky” because, without the help of his daughter, Mr. Ziglar couldn’t have kept doing speaking engagements at all.… Read more ...

We Are All Self-Made People – But Only The Successful Take Responsibility For It!!

I thought I’d include the last two segments of Darren Hardy’s training on one post – the first one is only a couple of minutes long, the last one is longer. So all together, these two will be about 20 minutes. In these segments, I really appreciate how Darren Hardy… Read more ...

How to Increase Your Income by 1,000%

What do you put in your brain right when you wake up – and right when you go to sleep? I was listening to an audio tape from Zig Ziglar’s “Automobile University” the other day, and one of the points that he makes – and that Mr. Hardy makes in… Read more ...
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