Tips From The Top

“A Call to Action” by Eric Worre

I subscribed to Eric Worre’s Network Marketing Pro Recruiting Mastery event. There were so many good things in those two days, I don’t even know how to convey it. (Watching Todd Falcone up on stage “dialing for dollars” on a cold leads list was amazingly instructive.  Hearing what Nick Sarnicola, David Frey, Mike Sims, Lisa Grossman, Ray Higdon, Les Brown, Kyle Passeti, Robert Hollis, John & Tiffany Mallot, Josh Denny and other network marketing multi-millionaires had to say . . . are you kidding me?? Priceless!)

If you do ONE THING today – watch this. The short backstory is that Eric Worre jokingly told the head of the network marketing company that he was with in 1993 (at age 29) that he could give as good a keynote as their #1 guy. The company CEO took him up on it – told him that he and that guy would each have 12 minutes at the Convention that year. Below is the speech that Eric gave. The audio is from then – the video was added for the Mastery event.

Eric used this as an example – because he of course WON the “bet” of being the best speaker at that Convention. But it was because he prepared and prepared and prepared that 12 minutes for months and months and months. And if you want to be influential, that’s something you need to do, too. As my coach Eric Lofholm says, “You always have a script. If you ‘wing it,’ then you have a script . . . it’s just a ‘winging it’ script. And how easy is it going to be to test, improve, tweak, and analyze it?”

Take a watch. This is so powerful, you might need to watch it a few times this week, just to digest it: