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Get My Books Today F*R*E*E On Kindle Reader!!!

From midnight to 11:59pm today (11/14/2012) my first and third books will be available as free Kindle Books. Yes, that’s $0.00 to download them on Kindle!

The idea here is, of course, to push them higher in their rankings. I Need Your Help!!! If you don’t know my books, here’s a synopsis of each – which you can read after you have gone and downloaded them off of course (smile). CLICK HERE to go to and do it, then come back (smile).

If you don’t have a Kindle reader, they are actually available for any form of computer – PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Droid, etc. HERE IS THE LINK FOR THE PC READER. (The rest are available for free, in your App Store.)

 Fempowerment: A Guide To Unleashing Your Inner Bond Girl

HERE are some comments from on the book (this is the hard copy, but it gives you an idea)

And HERE is a website dedicated to Fempowerment and Unleashing Your Inner Bond Girl (I haven’t updated this for a while, as I’ve been working on this blog and my latest book, but you can get an idea – it’s a very complete website and has about 20 podcasts about Livin’ The Bond Girl Lifestyle!)

Just in case you want a synopsis . . .

By using the Bond Girl (from the ever-popular James Bond movies and books) as her paradigm, Fempowerment coach Sandy Shepard leads the reader to experience, then unleash, her inner authentic self. The word “Fempowerment” is a combination of Feminine + Empowerment – the book is all about being empowered by your feminine side. Ms. Shepard states that she aims to change the world, one Bond Girl at a time. A successful businesswoman and attorney, Ms. Shepard is particularly passionate about helping harried women weave sensual femininity and self-empowerment into their daily routines, and this book uses a friendly “best girlfriend” style to help women do just that.

My NEW book (due out “on paper” this Friday!!) is also available for $0.00!!! Here is some info on that one!

Passive Income 101: A Story Of Paying For College Without Selling Your Soul

This book is written from the perspective of a high school senior, Alexzandra, and her parents. It explores passive income/network marketing/MLMs in Alexzandra’s “voice.” This book is not specific as to any particular choice and does not mention any network marketing companies by name, though the family does rely on both Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad books and Jordan Adler’s Beach Money to make their decision.

The enthusiastic testimonials in the front of the book include a college guidance counselor and top income earners from network marketing companies, including Mary Kay. As stated in one of the testimonials, “I highly recommend this as a pre-requisite to starting your MLM business…no matter which one you choose!”

Just in case you want a synopsis . . .

High school Senior Alexzandra doesn’t really know what to do with her life. She’s applying to colleges as she is ‘expected to do’ – until she receives a mysterious cell phone text message. The text claims that going to college straight from high school is NTOW (not the only way) for her to achieve financial security & reach her dream of studying in Hawaii & making a difference in the world. Alex’s family is about to have their secure life shaken – and following the advice of the unknown Texter might be the only way for them to hold onto the life they know. Is network marketing a realistic plan for two professionals and their teenage daughter? If Alex’s ‘text angel’ is right, it may be their best option. Told in the parable style of the great Og Mandino, Passive Income 101 reveals:

* What to look for in a home-based business.

* The potential of network marketing.

* The importance of cash flow.

* How to create easily duplicated systems.

* Methods for addressing people afraid of Get Rich Quick Scams & Pyramid Schemes.

If Alex can do it, why can’t you?

And here is a quote from Jordan Adler, who also wrote a testimonial for the book:

Most people don’t even question spending $60,000-$100,000 for a college degree. They will even take out loans to attain one. And there are no guarantees of anything but a piece of paper called a diploma. Take a look at the bank account of the average college graduate after working for 40 years. It’s grim. Sandy’s story is the fictional account of a family that discovers an option that is becoming much more widely accepted. But it’s based on a true story. It’s fun and dramatic. It will leave you with hope that there is a better way. Those considering college may want to read this book before pulling the trigger! – Jordan Adler, Network Marketing Millionaire & Author of #1 Best Seller, Beach Money

One final thing . . . PLEASE pass this information along (email, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, carrier pigeon…if it’s a FAST carrier pigeon since it’s one day only!) The more folks we can get to download these books, the higher they “push” on Amazon’s list.

I rarely “ask” anything of my readers/downline/etc. (maybe that’s my problem!) – but today, I’m’a’askin’!

Love ya,

“Hurricane” Sandy

PS: There will be a prize drawing from all Commenters on – but that is not a bribe 😉